Can I arrange a visit to MEPS myself?

Im in the process of joining the Air Force, and was about to get scheduled for MEPS, but my recruiter had an emergency in the family and wont be back until the 19th of this month. I would really like to get this going as soon as possible, and would rather not wait any longer. I’ve contacted other recruiters in the greater Phoenix area, but have yet to hear back from them. Is there any way I can call MEPS and set this up for myself? Or does the recruiter have to do it?

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    lol no. But I like your initiative.

    Keep contacting the recruiter. But don’t stress. It takes 4-8 months to get a basic training slot. So if it takes an extra week or two to get a MEPS slot, it really isn’t hurting you.

  • Lingaling
    10 hours ago

    I agree with all of the above answers. It doesn’t work like that dude. I’m in the process of joining the Air Force myself and you have to learn to wait like everyone else wanting to join. I’m currently waiting on a call from my recruiter this week to fill out initial paperwork to go down to MEPS.

    What I’m trying to get at here is that there’s a certain number of people per month that are allowed to go to MEPS according to my recruiter and she must also get the green light from her boss to send more recruits down.

  • AD
    10 hours ago

    You have to go through a recruiter. Either your recruiter or another recruiter in his station can do it. If you call MEPS directly they’ll just tell you to call your recruiter for further processing.

  • jeeper_peeper321
    10 hours ago

    Nope, you must be scheduled by the recruiter

  • Marine5
    10 hours ago

    “NO” You will have to wait until he gets “Back”…

    or some other Recruiter steps up in his place… End Of Story !!!!

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago


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