Can drinking expired Country Time Lemonade drink mix make me sick?

It says “best used by 2008”. So it’s two years “gone”. I’ve been drinking it yesterday and today, and so far I’m not dead. Am I going to get sick from this?

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  • Corvato
    1 month ago

    that is NOT an expiriation date, its a “freshness” date

    its a way for vendors/resellers to move old merchandise off their shelf

    country time lemonade is full of preservatives, so chances are it will be good 100 years from that date.

  • Bolivar
    1 month ago

    Being it is from Kraft Foods, I highly doubt there will be any problem. Kraft Foods is really where the question should go.

  • the one
    1 month ago

    i doubt it . drank a whole can of really old iced tea mix one week.

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