Can Clydesdale’s and draft horses jump?

Can they jump? jus do jumping?

and how much weight can these horses hold?

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  • love to jump ♥
    1 month ago

    despite what everyone else has said i disagree. I have actually jumped a Clydesdale before. they cant jump very high jumps but they still can. They can hole basically any amount of weight that you put on them. Trust me they can jump take it form someone who has jumped one.

  • Eight Belles forever
    1 month ago

    Yes, they can! Actually, most horses can jump three feet from a standstill. However, draft horses (including Clydesdales) are not ideal jumpers, even for recreation. I do not think it would be possible for any draft horse to just compete in jumping because their bodies are not built that way. You may want to consider crossing a draft horse with a light horse, such as a Hanoverian Horse. This will produce a half-draft breed equine, which is fine for jumping and definitely recreation. If you are seriously looking to compete, then stay away from horses of even close draft ancestry.

    I am not positive about how much weight their backs can bear, but two Clydesdales in fact hold the world record for the heaviest load pulled. It weighed 131 tons, but recent estimates put it at 50 tons. If this helps: most horses can carry 20% of their weight on their backs, so how much weight draft horses can withstand depends on their weight.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Absolutly. They arent really bred for jumping, but can. Of course, I don’t think they could jump a 4-5 foot jump and make it look pretty, but it depends on the horse. Some drafts are amazing jumpers while others are blah and just get over it. I wouldnt get a draft horse and then do jumpers with it in a show, but…

  • hey_its_from_clare
    1 month ago

    They can jump-virtually all horses can. However, most heavy horses can’t clear much past 2’6″ or 3′. They’re simply too heavy and not built for it with there strong shoulders and weak hind end.

    Clydes have NO problem carrying a 300lb person. Basically anyone that can sit in a saddle can ride these guys!

  • redneckcowgirl1472
    1 month ago

    Yes draft horses can jump. Its not what they are built for, but yes they can jump. I would not get a draft horse and compete in only jumping. They are made more for hauling and pulling things. Although if you take and draft horse and cross it with another smaller breed, like a freisian and a morgan, moreisian, they are wonderful, or a draft and a thoroughbred, warmblood, There are some great half draft combinations. Hope that helps you out. Have Fun!!

  • mercedes_19842002
    1 month ago

    YES…my clyde was taught young and properly to jump as was my percheron …i often take my clyde to the local *moch* fox hunts around here..*central PA* which is really just a few jumps but a romp around the county on some old trails we found as kids…he seems to LOVE the umping..often pulling his weight TO some thing to jump lol he’s such a brat.

    also…hold or pull…my clyde can easily pull 2500 lbs but carry at most about my lil bro and our niece and still jump comfortably

  • Webkinzluvr
    1 month ago

    Of course they can! I’ve seen and jumped Draft Horses they have a very nice canter

  • D
    1 month ago

    For all of you who say draft horses can’t jump- tell my 17.2h full draft horse that- she loves jumping (I can’t ride in a ring with jumps set up- she will take the bit in her teeth, veer towards it, jump once or twice, and then start listening to me, lol). When I choose to jump, it is no more than one day of jumps every 2-3 weeks because I want to have extra care on her legs (we do dressage as well, so that is bad for joints too)

    They are not built for jumping or the stamina needed for it. I do know of quite a few draft jumpers, but they are not at higher levels due to the increased strain on the legs and the endurance needed- you get leg injuries a lot easier with drafts (or any horse not really suited to heavy jumping). Height isn’t really a problem, I know a 18h full shire who can jump 5.5 feet out of a round pen (his fences need to be at least 6 feet for him not to attempt to jump out).

    As for weight- I wouldn’t ask a draft horse to jump with over 250 lbs on their back. I am 200ish and my mare has no problem carrying me whatsoever,. or any other horse I have been on for that matter.

    Draft horses are bred to carry a lot- most can easily carry 400 lbs at a walk/trot, if conditioned for it. Look up England’s drum horses for an example.

    If you are looking for a good jumper, but like the draft nature, consider getting a draft cross- they have more endurance and are usually well suited for jumping, esp crossed with a TB or warmblood. They can carry more weight than most taller light horses as well, once again 250 ish for heavy jumping would be max.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    i wouldnt recomend a clyde for jumping as they have such heavy bones they could damage themselves or you if they took a tumble.

    BUT one of the best showjumpers in the world is the irish draft, especially when crossed with the thoroghbred to make the irish sports horse.

    all horses can jump, just some are built and bred for it, there are a few draft breeds whcich are great jumpers and are built a lot lighter.

  • Poet G
    1 month ago

    If I’m not mistaken the famous jumper Big Ben had some draft horse in his lineage.

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