Can anyone tell me some endearing words in Malayalam and Tamil..?

As we have words like cutie,sweetheart,sweetie,honey,darling,dear,baby etc in English.I want words in Malayalam and tamil which are used by native speaker ..please help me by giving as many words as you can with their meaning..and as I came to know vava in Malayalam and papa in Tamil means baby is it right and can these two words be used as endearing words..? thank you in advance for helping me..

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  • ?
    8 days ago

    vava is a colloquial word denoting small babies and is not used as an endearing term for gf/bf.

    Ende thene (my honey)

    Ende karale (my liver)

    Ende kanne (my eyes)

  • gonzalescordova
    5 days ago

    Endearing Meaning

  • Selvaraj Vel Murugan
    8 days ago

    Chella Kutty, Pattu Kutty, Ammu kutty, Thangam(gold).. actually kutty means small.. all these are different words to express affection.. I know many but it shame-shame words.. he.. he..

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