Can anyone explain the King and his horse conversation in Bleach?

Shirosaki: Ichigo, think you can tell me the difference between a king and his horse?

Ichigo: What?

Shiro: And don’t even think about giving me some kinda kid’s riddle answer. “Because one has two legs and one as four” It’s about the form, ability and then power! Almost like the two could’ve been the same existance at one point! But then the one to fight to rise to the top becomes the king! Whichever one is leftover becomes the horse, lending his power to the king! Now I ask you, what’s the difference between the two!? There’s only one answer………INSTINCT!!!! A vital tool for someone who has power but seeks more! A vital tool for someone who wants to be king! With this, the user will naturally be drawn to battles, be drawn to more power!! And use such to mercilessly obliterate his enemies beyond any recognition!! Slicing them into pieces! Mangling them!! All of this brought on by an absolute raw hunger for battle!! Our skin is peeled off, our meat scooped out, bones crushed, nerves nullified! Every part of us chiseled down to our very core!! All in order to fully sharpen our killing instinct!!! Something you have no knowledge of! Your instinct is too obvious, too normal! You only fight with reason, and always need a reason to cut down your opponents!! Just who the hell did you think of attacking when your sword was vaporized!? See, this is why you’ll always be weaker than me ICHIGO!! You must excuse me, Ichigo. You know I really have no idea where Zangetsu is, but there’s no way I’ll let a king weaker than me hop on my back and ride me around!! I won’t tolerate that kind of coexistence! You are weaker than me, so I’m going to destroy you. And then I’ll be the one and only king!

Shirosaki: So it seems like you somehow still had something left in you. The instinct you needed……to seek out this battle. Well whatever, so you beat me in the end. I guess all that means is that I’ll have to kill you….king. But don’t you forget this…..there will always be a slight discrepancy as to which one of us is the king and which one is the horse. That means if you get even the slightest bit lazy, that’s all it’ll take for me to knock you off and crush your skull beneath my hooves!!


I understand what he is saying and maybe I am over thinking this but I am trying to figure out if there is a deeper metaphor or real world connection in this like with “thus the blade is brought down”.

I understand what he is saying and maybe I am over thinking this but I am trying to figure out if there is a deeper metaphor or real world connection in this like with “thus the blade is brought down”.

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  • ?
    8 days ago

    What he says is not true! Those who disagrees most probably have a different logic than mine!

    To answer your question though! He means that if you are weaker than him yet you are his boss, he would take action and turn it the other way around!

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    4 days ago

    Bleach Zangetsu Quotes

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    Basically, Hollow Ichigo Is telling Ichigo that Ichigo should not be the king, because he lacks killer instinct and is weaker than him. Hollow Ichigo believes that Ichigo should be the horse and he himself should be the king, for Hollow Ichigo has killer instinct

    . Zangetsu became apart of Hollow Ichigo, which meant that Hollow Ichigo was going to take over Ichigo and become the dominant force (the king)

    Hollow Ichigo does not believe that he himself should be the horse to a king who is weaker than him, meaning that he doesn’t want to just be apart of Ichigo when he could make Ichigo apart of him, since Ichigo was weaker than he was.

    Well, in a nutshell, Hollow Ichigo was basically saying that it’s not fair for him to have to serve Ichigo, the king, who is weaker than Hollow Ichifo and lacks killer instinct, when he himself is stronger.

    The other part of the conversation, is when Ichigo find his “killer instinct”

    Basically, ichigo is soft. He needs reason to kill, he doesn’t just fight for the sake of fighting, like kenpachi or Hollow ichigo. Hollow ichigo believed ichigo did not have a shred of killer instinct or the will to fight without reason but in reality, ichigo does have all of that, but I believe he doesn’t like to accept it. Hollow ichigo then tells Ichigo that one of them will always be the king and one will always be the horse, and tells ichigo that if he wants to stay the king, he better not become weak (die) or hollow ichigo will be able to take over.

  • Matt J
    8 days ago


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