can anybody please identify the song? everyday I want to fly…?

the song goes like “everyday I want to fly will(or would)you stay by my side..” the backgrund score for vodafone india customer care ad. please tel me what song it is!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The lyrics have been changed, but the music is very similar to Manu Chao’s “Mama Call”. I think they changed the song specially for the ad.

  • Gamegod
    1 month ago

    Still don’t know anything about the artist. I’ve searched all the Engines for ‘Stay By My Side’. But got something different. I think this is something new. At list I need the Title of this song to get the artist. Cause it’s very beautiful.

    If you want to download the full video of this ad, then here is the link:…

  • ?
    5 days ago

    I Want To Fly Song

  • kavitamenon
    1 month ago

    This song has been specially created for this film. Are u a Vodafone customer ? You can download the same as a callert tune by smsing CT 15015925 to 56789.

  • mpkpawan07
    1 month ago

    if u wud be satisfied just with the 1 minute clip of tat song then search the video in youtube.

    paste the url of tat video in

    this is a online converter…mention the format to which it has to get converted(mp3 if u want)..once converted download it into ur system..

    its a two step process!

  • zeph
    1 month ago

    Hey girish if you have the mp3 and its the one on the vodafone link then send me that…thanks email: [email protected]

  • dash
    1 month ago

    yaro .. im goin crazie searchin for this song .. there seems to be not even a small hint anywhere on the internet . Do let me know if you have some luck .. damn i want this so badly !

  • nikhil k
    1 month ago

    It’s not an existing song. They created it for the ad. i wish someone releases it though…amazing song

  • Arindam M
    1 month ago

    Hmm … this is Vodafone’s own song for sure but it has surely been composed by some damn good musician. In case anyone cares, here are the chords:


    Every day I want to play

    E———————D A

    Stay by my side


    Every day I want to dream

    E———————D A

    Stay by my side


    Every morning I wish I could just stay

    Bm … (not sure about this part)

    Wish the mornings would just stay

    D A

  • Numb
    1 month ago

    Hey Zeph,Girish and Vijay,

    I have sent the mp3 file on your mail IDs please check it out.

    The song is the new one and not existing anywhere on entire web world.

    Please reply me if you get what you wanted to and share also to others.

    You can listen it here also:…


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