Can a police officer drive you home?

i will be taking the bus somewhere far and i have to get back at night time and i might get lost and i might have to walk during late/early morning hours and i was wondering can a cop drive you home


considering i am a minor and its past curfew hours and i have no ride home and its 10 miles to my house

considering i am a minor and its past curfew hours and i have no ride home and its 10 miles to my house

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  • El Scott
    1 month ago


    I’m with Kenneth and Vindicaire on this. It drives me nuts when people ask me for a ride. Unless the person is broken down, a crime victim, etc., I usually offer to call them a cab.

    I only know how to drive to two different places when I’m working………the address I’m being dispatched to for a call and the county jail.

    If you’re a minor your parents need to do their job and make sure you get home okay.

  • Sheri
    5 days ago


  • Kenneth C
    1 month ago

    Your local police department is not a free taxi service. Myself and many officers will you a lift if you are a crime victim, are lost, have a broken down car, ect. Even then you may not get a ride all the way home, if your house is “far”. You may just get a rid to a well lit gas station in the good part of town where you can call a friend, taxi or wait for the bus. I usually don’t give rides to people that just don’t feel like walking.

    If you are minor, then I will give you a ride home and also serve your parents with a $75 ticket for letting you be out past curfew.

  • TCSO
    1 month ago

    If a cop happens to make contact with you for some reason to investigate why you are at a certain location at a certain hour, he MIGHT offer to drive you the rest of the way if it’s close and he feels like it. But chances are he won’t, and you cannot call the police for a ride. Taxis serve that purpose.

  • lonetigerwolf
    1 month ago

    15 days ago when I was living in Florida, I was pulled over on a university campus by a university police officer. He said he pulled me over for running a stop sign which I did not. Ofcourse, once he pulled me over, he administered a field sobriety test that he had his partner videotape. I passed the test with no problem because I was not under the influence. After the test was completed, the cop told me to lock up my car and leave it where it was at (a parking lot) and he drove me to my home which was approximately 4 miles away and I was released on my doorstep and not charged with anything. Not even a ticket for running the stop sign!

  • Vindicaire
    1 month ago

    Any officer will give you a ride. Right to the curfew center. Police officers do not have the time to waste giving out taxi rides to those that can plan ahead.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    It relies upon on why you have been pulled over, how far from the scene of the provide up on your place, and the guidelines of the police branch. making use of your automobile living house would be a courtesy given to you by the police in lieu of the towing and impound expenses at your cost.

  • LOCO
    1 month ago

    That would be one hell of a nice cop to give you a ride home.

  • pixie7
    1 month ago

    nope i doubt it unless your in some deep **** you know?

    its sorta like i wonder if that ambulance will let me take a nap on the gernie. i mean it is worth a try though

  • Jen A
    1 month ago

    they drove me home once

    of course that was after they pulled me over and impounded my car, but I digress

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