can a betta and koi fish live together?

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  • catx
    1 month ago

    No. There would be very quickly no Betta and a contented looking Koi.

    Koi are strictly coldwater pond fish and get over 2.5 feet long, some up to 4 feet long.

    Bettas are high end tropical fish.

    They have completely and utterly different requirements and are therefore incompatible.

  • jogi
    1 month ago

    Only for 2 minutes after which the Koi will eat the Betta. They are not compatible in anyway. Temperature, setup, etc. nothing makes them compatible. A koi should be kept in a coldwater pond, a Betta in a tropical tank. Bettas swim slow and hate currents. Kois dont mind currents at all. With the koi reaching a potential 3 feet (even 4 in cases) it will just see the Betta as food.

  • Clyde
    1 month ago

    The water temperature the two fish need is quite different. The Betta is a tropical fish and needs a minimum of 2.5g of heated, filtered water while the Koi is a cold water fish that needs a pond size habitat.

    I would discourage you from mixing the two.

  • Michael
    4 days ago

    yes they can if u acclimate them correctly, i have a 250 gallon tank with butterfly Koi under tropical heat with a lot of tropical fish, but it requires work to maintain the tank for both fish, you require a good clean up crew in your tank, and environment knowledge on how to make a cold / tropical community tank work. Koi and Goldfish are very messy, you need to learn some things before u mix and match.

  • spider pig!!!1
    1 month ago

    no the koi would kill the betta, and kois need to be in ponds 1000+ gallons

  • BettaFan
    1 month ago

    no. koi fish are cold water fish and bettas are tropical.

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