can a bearded dragon eat rollie pollies?

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  • lauren
    6 days ago

    NOOO!!! hold up before you feed your bearded dragon Rollie pollies bearded dragons are naturally from the rain forest and Rollie pollies aren’t in the rain forest. Unless you buy the Rollie pollies from a local pet store never feed a reptile insects that you find. This reason is because most of the time the insect that you find is not a typical species in your reptiles natural habitat. Which means that the bearded dragon species doesn’t eat Rollie pollies and you never know… Rollie pollies could get it sick.

    I would suggest feeding it crickets, mealworms or wax worms you can buy these insects in the reptile section of any pet store. Good luck!

  • ?
    6 days ago

    As Indie has said, woodlice are an excellent source of calcium and provide your beard with an enriching texture etc.

    I never feed any of my reptiles outdoor or wild-caught insects. The main reason being is that there is a high probability that they have encountered pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria or may have ingested plant-based toxins that can be fatal to your captive-bred animal.

    All that aside fireflies and box elder beetles are toxic to your beard in their natural state.

  • ?
    6 days ago

    Yes, bearded dragons can eat some types of woodlice (aka sow bugs), including roly polies. Only if they are captive bred for pets to eat, NOT wild caught, though. They are high in calcium, so they make a good treat.

  • Shelby
    6 days ago

    no they can not my teacher told me fyi: he has a bearded dragon

    they can eat the following : crickets,meal-worms and pretty much any soft+squishy bug EXCEPT spiders/butterflies or flies

  • Annonymous
    6 days ago

    Protein, the reptiles need protein.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    that show sucks lol

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