Can a 17 year old rent a hotel room in Canada?

I’m looking to go to Canada when I’m 17 and want to make the trip without my parents.

Is there ANY way I’d be able to do this?

I’ll try anything, even if it’s a contract my parents sign to acknowledge responsibility for me or anything, as I really want to do this trip by myself.

I will also have a driver’s license by then and a debit card.

Please help me out (:

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  • bw022
    7 days ago


    You must have a passport or (if crossing via land) and NEXUS card or enhanced driver’s license to enter into Canada. If you are under 18 you must also have a letter of permission signed by both parents. Canadian Border Services Agency will also likely have specific questions about where you are staying.

    You can not rent a hotel room anywhere in Canada at 18. You are a minor and thus can not be held legally responsible for any damages. If you smash the walls, watch pay-per-view all night, skip out without paying the bill, burn the place down, have a pot-party, etc. they can’t get any damages from you. Further, no hotel wants to be responsible if anything happens to you. Most hotels will want a credit card in the name of one of the quests as a damage and services deposit.

    You will either need and adult to travel with you or know someone in Canada you can stay with.

  • Jeff H
    7 days ago

    Okay, in answer to your first question, no, you cannot rent or occupy a hotel room at 17 unless you are accompanied by an adult. There are several reasons for this with the primary one being that when renting a room you are entering into a legal contract. In Canada you must be 18 to enter into a contract so you cannot rent a room.

    You asked if your parents could rent a room on your behalf. Again the answer to this is no. Although they could state that they are willing to pay for any damages and sign a contract to that effect the problem is the possibility of incidents occurring while you are in the room. As a minor the hotel would, under Canadian law, have a legal responsibility for you which no reputable (safe) hotel would be willing to accept.

    Now, as to crossing the border. For youth under 18 your would require, in addition to an approved ID (passport, passport card, enhanced drivers license, enhanced state ID, Nexus Card) a notarized letter (preferred although one with witnesses is acceptable) from your parents giving you permission to cross the border into Canada, the purpose of your trip, where you will be staying, how long you will be there, and contact information for them.

    You state you will have a drivers license by then. If so and if your state is one that issues them you should apply for an enhanced drivers license. If your state does not issue them and you do not have one you need to apply for a passport or passport card asap.

  • ?
    5 days ago


  • ?
    7 days ago

    1. You are going to need your parents written consent to cross into Canada, you will be asked to show your drivers license, passport and the written consent form to the customs agents

    2. You cannot rent a hotel room at 17 years old, all hotel rentals require signing a contract and in Canada a minor cannot legally enter into a binding contract. The only way you’ll be able to rent a hotel room is if your parents rent it for you under their name and you pay them back the money on your own.

    3. Most hotels do not accept debit cards, again your parents will need to pay for the room with a credit card.

  • Rona Lachat
    7 days ago

    NO. You cannot rent a room.

    NO. You cannot cross the Border.

    Really you will have a full license valid out of state? Your debit card will work in Canada? Is it on the Interact system?

  • ?
    7 days ago

    You will need a credit card to book a room.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    What is so special about Canada that you can not wait until you are 18 to come and see ?

  • tazzybeer06
    7 days ago

    First u need passport,second a creditcard. but at 17 not sure u can cross with out letters from parents and u need to contact your car insurance for papers for coverage in Canada as well. plus u need medical coverage so u need to purchase medical travel insurance.

    you would have to check with the hotel to see what the rules are.

    Canada is a big place bigger than the usa but less people.

    we do not drive in miles per hr we drive in kilometers per hr so to a new driver that could be hard as well.

  • Jim B
    7 days ago

    The answer is a simple NO. For a number of legal reasons.

    As they say in New Jersey……….Forgetaboutit.

    JIm B


  • ?
    5 days ago

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