can a 15.6 laptop fit into a 15 inch laptop case?

its the harajuku lovers laptop sleeve big bow girls.

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  • ScoutSeven.
    10 hours ago

    No. It will stretch the case.

  • Erika
    5 days ago

    15.6 Inch Laptop Case

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    Depends on the case. Some 15″ caeses will have extra space because of the pading that can squeeze together which can give you that extra 0.6″. Basically, it would fit tighter and there would be less support from the padding against damage. It really depends on the case though because they are not all designed the same.

    As for “sleeve”. In that case, no. Those do not have any of that thick pading like the over the shoulder and what not.

  • ?
    10 hours ago

    Yes, when they say 15″ it is in that screen size class. The Laptop should be 15″ wide, while the depth is probably 10″ or something. Your screen is measured diagnol, not width by height. So if it says 15″ that will support up to a 15.9″ or a little more.

    Besides have you ever seen a Laptop bag that says “Made for 15.3″ Models”, “Made for 15.9″or Models”, etc. ?

    When it gives a specific size, its give or a take a couple inches. Not exact.

  • Eagle
    10 hours ago

    It might – most laptop cases are not a ‘tight fit’

    It will depend on the individual carry case.

    e.g. Compatible with laptops with 17-18.4″ screens

  • CT
    10 hours ago

    i severely underestimated the stupidity of the human race.

  • MJ
    10 hours ago

    Now just please re-read the question. After you have done that, you tell me.

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