Blood Clot with Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing.. HELP?

I’ve had my piercing for about 3 days.

Day 1: Slightly Swollen

Day 2: Appearance of white skin

Day 3: I have a blood clot on each side. No pain or any other large symptoms. Appeared after eating a cup of noodles.

I am extremely worried, not only for my piercing but for my health. Is there anything I probably did wrong? How should I proceed from here? Should I take it out? Please help and put me at ease.

1 Answer

  • Devin
    7 days ago


    I know it seems like the logical thing to do if it was causing an infection but if you remove the piercing there will be a gaping hole for the infection to invade & seriously piercing infections have led to death. You need to go to a trusted piercing parlor and ask them about it, and go to your doctor as well. You need to figure out if it’s infected asap because if it is not infected but just having a bad reaction, in that case you will want to take it out, but first definitely have a medical doctor verify if it is or is not an infection

    best of luck

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