black flying insect with a tapping tail?

I am terrified of these things! I live in south florida and they only come in the summer. They are all black and look like over grown mosquitos. They have long hind legs and a tail that moves/ taps. I’m pretty sure they sting. They are not hoover flies.

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  • John R
    1 month ago

    Most “overgrown mosquito” questions refer to Crane Flies, but I suspect that yours may actually be about one of the various predatory or parasitic wasp. Look up Pompilidae and Ichneumonidae for examples. If it has a long ‘spike’ at the tail, it’s an Ichneumon. Generally speaking, these sorts of wasps are inoffensive, even those that could actually sting you.

  • Sohaib Akram
    8 days ago

    Yup sure mate they are in Rawalpindi,Pakistan too.

    Any ideas how to kill it?

    and whats the scientific name for it?

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