Black flip flops that won’t stain my feet?!?

I bought some black flip flops from Old Navy, and the first time wearing them they darkened my feet.

What stores sell black flip flops that won’t stain my feet?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    a good way to get rid of them staining your feet is to let them sit out in the sun for hours before wearing them

    OR soak them in water for a few mintues then set them out in the sun to dry and the water will soak all the dye in so it wont darken your feet

  • soprano20
    1 month ago

    Old Navy is really cheap material…I wouldn’t trust anything from there lol….I also had a pair of flip flops from there and when I would take them off at the door of my friend’s house, I noticed the underside of my feet were darkened also….try American Eagle maybe…

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Try PacSun they have a lot of cute flip flops, but there a lot more expensive than Old Navy…They run around like $40 unless you can find some on sale

  • Erika
    5 days ago

    Take any cleansing product that includes bleach and squirt on your ft. enable it proceed to exist for a couple of minutes and then wipe. Are the stains on the right of your ft or the backside? next time in the past you place on those turn flops, this is quite useful to place some insole liners on them. this might create a barrier between your foot and the insole. they have them right here in Florida.

  • Rachel
    1 month ago

    Try Target. They have a whole bunch of them in a lot of different colors and they’re really soft too.

    Those don’t stain your feet because I have them.

  • ?
    7 days ago

    Just be aware that a leather foot pad can absorb enough sweat over time to actually cause the feet to stink even from wearing the same flip flops day after day. The rubber foot bed is better–just wash the foot bed with a few handwipes and that should be good enough, unless the feet get excessively sweaty even in flip flops. Color transfer of a fabric flop flop strap to the top and sides of the feet might still be a problem if they are worn all day (but not a problem for barefooters who only wear them when it’s blistering hot to walk on asphalt for more than a shorter distance, or when a place of business absolutely demands wearing shoes to be in ther).

  • Ya Its Me
    1 month ago

    try reef, they have leather instead of rubber foot pad…go to some of the dept stores in the mall or sporting goods places

  • hah!
    1 month ago

    Maybe ur feet should be darkened.

    just a thought…

    or maybe u just haven’t warshed ur feet in a while.

    you should try that first.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Try this store they are very affodable:

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