Battery is stuck on power drill, how to remove it?

It’s a cordless driver/drill made by Porter Cable company (model 862 12 V, if that helps). I’ve tried sliding the battery forward while pressing down the red side buttons to get it to budge. I’ve had one person try to pull out the battery, while i was holding down or both of us pulling at the same time. It will NOT budge. Is using WD 40 a bad idea? Any other suggestions?

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  • Jim W
    10 hours ago

    Check for the nearest B&D service center in your town. Or take it to the nearest P C retailer and get them to help.

  • Geoff Lilley
    10 hours ago

    I would NOT use WD-40 or anything like the same – if that catches a spark, you’ve got a fire. Please do me a favor and stay away from any petroleum-based, flammable materials.

    Look at the base, below the handle. There should be two screws there. Check and see what type of head those screws use. I have a DeWalt 18V cordless drill, and my drill uses hex head for the screws at the base; yours may be different.

    Try loosening (not removing) those screws, and see if you can get the battery out that way. Also, if you can, try putting the drill upside down in a bench vise, and see if you can get some leverage with a long-handled flathead screwdriver.

  • ShakD
    10 hours ago

    use no lubricants! it can hard the parts inside! I would try a chisel/hammer type of thing, if its possible. but do not do it hard. just enough to break it out of its housing.

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