Bam’s Unholy Union?

What are some of the songs that are played at random times during the season?

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  • that’s_kooky!
    1 month ago

    Episode 9:

    69 Eyes, “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams”

    69 Eyes, “Never Say Die”

    Clutch, “Power Player”

    Clutch, “White’s Ferry”

    Deadsy, “Time”

    Deadsy, “Asura”

    Deadsy, “Better Than You Know”

    The Descendents, “Coolidge F-1”

    Gemini Five, “Flesh For Fantasy”

    Gemini Five, “Babylon Rockets”

    HIM, “Right Here In My Arms”

    Iggy Pop, “My Idea Of Fun”

    Lacrimas Profundere, “My Velvet Little Darkness”

    Lacrimas Profundere, “Short Glance”

    Lacrimas Profundere, “Should”

    Lacrimas Profundere, “Sad Theme For A Marriage”

    Maryslim, “High Wings”

    Maryslim, “In Too Deep”

    Sentenced, “Despair-Ridden Hearts”

    The Hint, “Please Don’t Close Your Eyes”

    The Sounds, “Ego”

    Turbonegro, “Blow Me (Like The Wind)”

    Vains Of Jenna, “Don’t Give A Damn”

    Vains Of Jenna, “No One’s Gonna Do it For You”

    Viking Skull, “Blackened Sunrise”

    Episode 8:

    69 Eyes, “To Love Her On Knees”

    69 Eyes, “No Dear Hearts”

    Lacrimas Profundere, “Between The Lines”

    CKY, “Lost In Contraption”

    Crash Kelly, “Turn It Around”

    Vains Of Jenna, “Don’t Give A Damn”

    Vains Of Jenna, “No One’s Gonna Do it For You”

    Fireball Ministry, “In The End”

    Strapping Young Lad, “Imperial”

    Strapping Young Lad, “Possessions”

    Aiden, “Goodbye We’re Falling Fast”

    Novadriver, “Whiteout”

    Foreign Born, “We Had Pleasure”

    Dios Malos, “Later Skater”

    Overnight Lows, “Whose Army”

    The Shocker, “Your Problem Now”

    Workhorse, “Blues For The Devil”

    EPISODE 7:

    Lacrimas Profundere, “To Love Her On Knees”

    Lacrimas Profundere, “No Dear Hearts”

    Fumanchu, “Between The Lines”

    Peter Pan Speedrock, “Time To Get Down”

    Lacuna Coil, “Fragile”

    Lacuna Coil, “Our Truth”

    Lacuna Coil, “What I See”

    Vains Of Jenna, “Don’t Give A Damn”

    Vains Of Jenna, “No One’s Gonna Do it For You”

    The Chimpz, “Stay Alive”

    CKY, “Lost In Contraption”

    Strapping Young Lad, “We Ride”

    RPG, “Lose It”

    Dummy, “Trust”

    Dummy, “Suffocate”

    Vancougar, “Naughty”

    Vaux, “Cocaine James”

    The Blakes, “Lie Next To Me”

    Ride The Blinds, “Grace Alley”

    Kill The Complex/ Butane, “Long Time”

    EPISODE 6:

    Clutch, “Black Umbrella”

    Crash Kelly, “Count On Me, Count On You”

    Crash Kelly, “She Put The Shock (In My Rock N Roll)”

    CKY, “Rio Bravo”

    Lacuna Coil, “In Visible Light”

    Lacuna Coil, “To The Edge”

    Trivium, “Tread The Floods”

    Trivium, “Entrance Of The Conflagration”

    Vains Of Jenna, “Don’t Give A Damn”

    Vains Of Jenna, “Don’t Give A Damn”

    Palomar, “Not Earned”

    Palomar, “The Planeiac”

    Finntroll, “Nattfodd”

    The Chimpz, “Horsewhipper”

    Lacrimas Profundere, “Filthy Notes”

    Throttlerod, “No Damn Fool”

    Throttlerod, “Horse Paw”

    Throttlerod, “Shovel”

    Peter Pan Speedroc, “Short Road To Nowhere”

    Poison Black, “Hollow Be My Name”

    ASG, “Thirsting For More”

    ASG, “John Wayne”

    ASG, “Feeling Good Is Good Enough”

    Aiden, “The Last Sunrise”

    Angry Kid, “Enough Said”

    Angry Kid, “The Sound”

    Turisas, “Sahti-Waari”

    Ride The Blinds, “Grace Alley”

    Scott Drake, “Rhinoceros”

    The Blakes, “Picture”

    EPISODE 5:

    The Sounds, “Hit Me”

    Crucified Barbara, “In Distortion We Trust”

    Core, “Million Miles”

    Core, “Italian Stallion”

    Eyeliners, “Too Good To Be True”

    Fireball Ministry, “In the End”

    Vains of Jenna, “Don’t Give A Damn”

    Palomar, “The Lost Freshman”

    Puny Human, “Greasin the Wheel”

    Finntroll, “Fiskaren Fiende”

    Finntroll, “Det Iskalla Trollblodet”

    The Chimpz, “Won’t You”

    The Chimpz, “Stay Alive”

    ASG, “Horsewhipper”

    Axehandle, “Pulp”

    Halfway to Gone, “Hammer’s Fallin”

    Novadriver, “Machine”

    Novadriver, “Blackout”

  • parriera
    5 days ago

    Bams Unholy Union

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    5 days ago

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