At which value in the domain does f(x)=0?…

a. x = -3

b. x = 0

c. x = 1

d. x = 4

2 Answers

  • ?
    6 days ago

    b. x=0.

    The domain is the value you are substituting in to the function and the range is the value you get for solving it for that variable.

    Usually the domain variables fill in as x and the values it yields are y, the range. y is often writen as f (x) in function notation.

    The value in the parentheses is the x value. So x=0.

    f (x) would be the y value we get for substituting in 0 for x.

  • sharon
    4 days ago

    That is wrong because I put that in as my answer and was incorrect.

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