As a driver, you are legally obligated to _________ pedestrians.?

yield the right-of-way to

scan your mirrors for

be courteous to

recognize the limited peripheral view of

5 Answers

  • Chris G
    1 month ago

    yield the right of way.

  • I Love Howie Carr
    1 month ago

    Depends. Some cities here have passed ordinances and now pedestrians just walk out into on coming traffic and you have to slam on your breaks. Now, if someone got hit, would the ordinance hold muster in court? Who knows. You do have an obligation to control your vehicle.

  • Aymee L
    1 month ago

    Yeild then give them ample time to get in your sights.

  • kenj53
    1 month ago

    run over

  • Me!!
    1 month ago


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