Are sea cucumbers carnivores, omnivores, scavengers, or what?

i would really appreciate it if you answered. no one ever does… please check out my other questions.

4 Answers

  • critterman51
    1 month ago

    They are scavenging omnivores. They ingest the sand or mud they live in and digest any organic material they find.

  • Shea’Get
    1 month ago

    Sea cucumbers are detritivores, or detritus feeders – which means they feed on the detritus or decaying organic materials floating about and in the sand.

  • kt
    1 month ago

    Sea cucumbers are animals, members of the phylum Echinodermata, like starfish. “The diet of most cucumbers consists of plankton and decaying organic matter found in the sea.”

  • not my sister
    1 month ago

    All plants are producers. They use photosynthesis to make energy and sugar to provide for other animals on the food chain. So the answer to the question is that sea cucumbers are producers.

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