are oven bake elements interchangeable?

my oven bake element recently broke and i dont really know what model my oven is it is a frigidaire from about 3-4 days ago and this is the first time this happened so i don’t know.

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  • ?
    4 days ago

    Frigidaire Oven Heating Element Replacement

  • lordreflexis
    8 days ago

    Generally no, manufactures change their hook ups from stove to stove to prevent lost profits in replacement parts.

    Should be a sticker on the back of the unit with serial and model number Your going to need the model number to find the replacement part. Even manufactures of the same appliances change inter workings from model to model. If you would have listed your city We could have directed you to a replacement parts place, I suggest you remove the old element generally a nut driver, or screw driver two screws and the element comes right out They are screwed into the back wall of the stove.

    Find a element replacement store Below are several links to these types of stores and which elements they have remove yours and find the match using the pictures Or inquire on the web sites themselves by contacting the manufacture direct.

    For search engines your looking for a OVEN BAKE ELEMENT Below are several links to the elements maybe one here looks like it will work.…………

    Hope it helps


  • Terry
    6 days ago

    No I once tried to put one from a Kenmore in a Frigidaire

    It got hot if fact so hot it tripped both breakers and the main to boot

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    There should be a metal tag with model and serial number located on the lower right side of the storage drawer. You can order parts from their website ( link below ).…

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