are cornrows suppose to hurt?

im a black male and i got cornrows for the first time time and it hurts during and after i want to know will it always hurt after getting braids and i want to know does getting braids thin out your hair

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  • rogue_angel2000
    1 month ago

    well it is not supposed to hurt. I have had some people do it and it hurts so much during/after that I have to take them out. I now make sure to ask them to do it “loose”. Some people believe that it is ok to do it tight because they will stay in longer–not necessarily. It can also leave you with a jacked up hair line.If you plan on keeping that set of cornrows, it will eventually not hurt as your hair grows out in a few days to week etc. Most people say that cornrows does not thin their hair out and in fact protects it so it comes in nice and thick. Honestly, I have a sensitive hairline and for me I feel it might thin my hair out a little. If you see bumps try putting witch hazel or toner like Sea Breeze

    Be sure to care for them by not getting them wet in shower but moisturize scalp so that it does not feel tight and dry.Be careful if it feels too uncomfortable your hair might come out when you unbraid.

  • aglaia761
    1 month ago

    Yes it will hurt just after getting braids. This is because your hair is being pulled by the braids. Depending on how fast your hair grows, the tightness will go away in 7-10 days. This is because your hair is growing.

    If you wash and condition your hair each time you get it corn-rowed or braided, your hair will actually grow much faster and be much healthier.

    Braids can thin out your hair IF your stylist pulls it too tightly. If you can’t move your face or it takes more than 7-10 days for the tightness to go away, then your hair is being braided too tightly

  • blackbirdn
    1 month ago

    Yes it’s completely normal.

    I got my hair done in many small braids while in Africa just bc we couldn’t shower every day, so it was easier to have braids, and they do hurt. Being a white female, the woman doing it told me my wavy “white” hair was difficult for her, as she’d only done the hair of other people in her country. So maybe that’s why mine hurt, but still…

    They have to pull very tightly to ensure they last for a while. As a good rule, if they didn’t hurt at all, they probably wouldn’t last very long bc of being loose. They may give you a headache for a day or two, and you may feel a tightness w/ certain facial expressions, but after the third day you should be pretty much back to normal.

    As for thinning it: your head normally loses many hairs a day (about 100) so that multiplied by the number of days you have them in means when you take them out and wash your hair, you will see a lot come out, but most of it is normal. My hair isn’t damaged, so I’d imagine it’s fairly okay for your hair. Otherwise why would so many people still do it? Especiialy women!

  • LawandOrder
    1 month ago

    Braids will hurt for the first day or two if they are done tightly. The tightness will go away. If it does not go away in a day or 2, this means the braids are too tight and the braids are causing follicle damage. Follicle damage generally is not reversible and can cause hair loss or breakage. Remove the braids in a day or 2 if the pain does not subside.

  • Ryan K
    1 month ago

    I’m a white girl and the last time i got cornrows they hurt before and after, Mainly cause the lady who did them made them really tight. They looked good but i took some Aleve and they felt fine after that. I talked to my stylist about them and he told me that sometimes they will feel really tight and actually hurt for a little awhile after but once your head gets use to the style it doesn’t hurt. As far as if they thin out your hair I’m not sure on the one. I’ve always had thick hair so i really wouldn’t know!

  • seraphim12002
    1 month ago

    Yes, cornrows hurt, they have to be pulled tight so they stay well. You may get a headache after a while if you aren’t used to them, and even though you are black, put sunscreen between the braids before you go outside, you can burn from the sun too because your scalp isn’t used to sunlight. Wear a bandana over them when you go to bed, and hey..enjoy them as long as you can stand it! 🙂 Oh, when you shampoo, just wash between them..shampoo is mostly for the scalp anyway, blot dry,don’t rub.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    maybe they braided it too also will start to itch after a while b/c u can’t wash ur hair…u can get like at CVS or another store like that some olive oil spray or sumthin like that in the ethnic ppl hair section for braids..take an Advil in the meantime for the pain but they shouldn’t be extremely painful..i’m a white girl but i got them done b4

  • sofine
    1 month ago

    braids will hurt a bit when you get them. but as long as they’re not super tight they won’t thin your hair out. they will be tight the first couple of days

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Your head might want to no longer bleed once you get cornrows. it would want to damage a short at the same time as your getting them finished notwithstanding it received’t very last lengthy. maximum probable because it is your first time getting your head braided that’s going to damage yet no longer as undesirable as your dad made it look.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If they are braided to tightly. They will loosen up eventually. Only if the braider pulled to tightly around the hair line area. Your hairline will start to recede.

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