Are 5150 snowboards good?

I want to buy my own snowboard for next season. I’ve gone snowboarding 3 times so I’m still a beginner. Are these boards any good? I was specifically looking at the 5150 Nomad. Should I go for a different brand? Any advice will be appriciated. Thanks!


Are the 5150 bindings and boots that go along with the board good as well?

Are the 5150 bindings and boots that go along with the board good as well?

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  • ?
    8 days ago

    I don’t know why you would need that many snowboards or were you put them, but if one broke you wouldn’t run out any time soon!

  • ?
    8 days ago

    I don’t recommend 5150, once you pass beginner level, that board won’t do the things you want it to do. But I mean if you want a board to learn with for a year then throw away, go ahead. I’d go a different brand, though. You could buy older boards for a cheaper price (like last years). (The one place where I bought my boards and is really good and can be a little cheaper is I’ve used it a lot). I recommend , Rome, Burton, Ride, O-matic, somewhere along those lines. Although, they can get a bit pricey because they’re better quality. (Below this, I pulled a few things from the snowboarding forum and other answers they are marked with a asterisk: * ).

    *I would steer you clear of the company. 5150 is one of a few brands that are manufactured to sell at a low price point for those just getting in to snowboarding. Overall, the build quality, technological progression, and ride quality lack. However, if you are going to be riding less than 5 days a year it might be worth it for you. If not, I highly suggest looking elsewhere.

    Other companies to steer clear of:

    DC, Technine, Morrow, LTD, Lamar.

    *In my opinion these are good brands: Lib Tech, Gnu, Roxy, Rossignol, DC, Burton, Forum, Ride, K2, Signal, Rome, Stepchild, Arbor, Never Summer, Salomon, Nitro, Vans, Capita, Bataleon, Humanity, Palmer, Flow, Artec, Celcius boots, Union Bindings, Drake/ Northwave.

    Brands I avoid: Lamara, M3, Avalanch, LTD, 5150, Morrow, Bitchboards, Firefly, Sims, Rip Curl, Santa Cruz, Option.

    Someone posted that Roxy was not a good brand, but they are made with the same materials as Lib Tech and GNU boards, just more directed for girls with the graphics and board shapes. Also some people might be against Palmer, but they have some decent boards which are made at the same place in Austria as a lot of other great brands.

    (I also suggest investing in a helmet). 🙂

  • mister
    5 days ago

    5150 is a bad company. If I have been your i would verify out Capita, they make great boards for affordable costs. The Capita stairmaster retails for $350 and last years units new can also be located for about $200. This board would be higher suited for your, it is a park oriented board that may ride the whole mountain.

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