Anyone have the 2ID Warrior March Lyrics?

I downloaded the song from the 2ID website but some of the lyrics are kinda hard to understand.

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  • crimsonshedemon
    1 month ago

    The 2ID Warrior March

    We’re born in France in seventeen,

    in the hell of the First World War.

    With infantry and proud Marines,

    we bravely fought amidst the cannon’s roar.

    The Warriors went across the Meuse and river Marne,

    our name and our fame were won.

    We marched home proudly with flags held on high –

    and they called us “Second to None!”

    When terror struck we stood ready,

    we were called to the desert sands.

    To vanquish fear and tyranny,

    we fight for hope for all those who need a hand.

    Today we train and uphold our proud history,

    we’re Warriors in all that we’ve done.

    We lead the way, every fight, everyday –

    we’re forever “Second to None!”

  • ?
    5 days ago

    2id Korea

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