Anyone ever try B-meg Pigeon pellets and found their pigeons and chickens didn’t want to eat them?

they are cheap, but my pigeons seem to dislike them more than my chickens, who only eat them if there is no other choice and they are starving. What has your experience been with this brand?

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  • ?
    8 days ago

    Pigeon food has a lot of corn in it. They don’t like corn that much anyway, and if it is GMO corn, well, no animal is dumb enough to eat that, except the cows and such. If I open a can of corn, all I have to do is see if my cats will eat it. If they will not it is GMO. Then I tried to give it to the stray dogs. They would not eat it either. It laid in the yard and even the coons and possums and the like didn’t touch it. The birds didn’t eat it, it just stayed there!

    Try another brand, the pigeons are telling you something. We had 80 of them in Florida. We had neighbors country folk next door that didn’t mind our animals.. On the other side the landlords brother. Across the street was the firehouse. Behind us lived the fire chief. The fire chief had a cottage on his land in addition to his house. It had been condemned but he took the sticker off so they didn’t demolish it. The landlord kindly told him if he complained he would remind the city about the cottage. So, every day we let our homing pigeons fly around, they poo pood on the fire trucks and loved to sit on the high wire above the fire station driveway. What fun!

  • Owlwoman
    8 days ago

    My chickens are picky (ha) too. Some things they eat and some pellets they ignore.

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