Any way to hide an industrial piercing in a professional environment?

I’ve really wanted an industrial piercing for awhile and considering getting one for my birthday while I’m on vacation. I work at a bank though. Any way to hide the piercing while its healing? I assume the piercing will get to a point where I can take it out during work.

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  • blkmagikwmn83
    1 month ago

    No. You really shouldn’t take the jewelry out until it is completely healed. Especially since with the industrial, you will actually have two holes… You risk infection and irritation, and from my experience, the cartillage seems to take longer to heal than most. I have 2 conch, a rook and tragus, and my conch piercings took forever. After it is healed you could use a clear piece in it or leave it empty, but don’t mess with it until it’s COMPLETELY healed. Just ask the piercing guy at the shop you want to go to.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    How To Hide Industrial Piercing

  • Jess
    1 month ago

    hmm…most employers have a certain image they want their employees to show. a lot of places will not hire someone with an industrial. so you’re taking a chance getting one. industrials also take a while to heal. most piercers say to not change the jewelry until it is healed because you can really irritate your piercing trying to replace the jewelry and cause it to form scare tissue. i only started changing my jewelry after 6m of healing (btw, took 10 months for one hole to heal, been 13 months and the other still is not healed –with taking proper care with cleaning daily).

    but i guess if you really want one, look into a clear acrylic barbell. i have only used these once for a day. i have not had long term use with these bars to know if they are appropriate for a healing industrial. but here is a link for some options:……

    these are very good to make your piercing unnoticable.

    please note: you will not be able to get pierced with a metal bar and then change it to a clear bar anytime between your first month of getting pierced without causing serious pain to yourself. Also I wouldn’t even think to try going to work without your bar until it is COMPLETELY healed…which can take between 6months to 2yrs. Even then you are chancing not being able to put the bar back in later.

    My suggestion, either find a job where you can wear an industrial, or dont get one. industrials take a lot of time and care to properly heal.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Depends on what kind of industrial you are planning on doing. I have three different industrial, and two of them are completely hide able, meaning one i can take out and leave out and its okay, and the other is in a place where no one can really see it anyway. The third, on the other hand, is 6 years old and I wouldn’t take it out unless I’m going to let it close. I have put a flesh colored retainer in the third, though, and its almost completely invisible. If anyone is LOOKING for it, then you may be in trouble. Also, unless you were specifically told NOT to do it, I don’t think the bank would have an issue with it.

  • Erin C
    1 month ago

    Just do it! I loved my industrial and I used to take it out for work everyday, but I had gotten it pierced a couple years prior. Anyways, I started a new job in May and thought I was tired of taking it out, so I let it close. I am so mad, I miss it so much.

    It’s not really offensive if you just get a simple barbell. You know?

    Also, to clarify another response, the industrial is not a facial piercing. Well last I knew anyways your ears are not on your face, they are on your head.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Grow your hair so it covers the top of your ear?

    They can be taken out but not after quite a while.

    I’d say get it done and grow your hair over the top of it

    But just bare in mind that they’re painful…and sleeping on them is a b**** 🙂


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Er….brush your hair over it? My conch and cart. piercings healed just fine with hair hanging over them.

  • Mopar Muscle Gal
    1 month ago

    facial piercings and professional work dont coincide

  • bornfree
    1 month ago

    Honestly speaking!

    A piercing is not to be worn by a professional .

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    your wierd

    your a boy so u dont need piercings


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