Ants in a high rise apartment. How does one get rid of them without using dangerous chemicals?

A small mound of concrete grains were spotted near the edge of the wall-to-wall carpet this morning, and a couple of black ants were loitering nearby. This is in an apartment on the 16th floor of a downtown building!?!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The product that the others are talking about is TERRO. Comes in an orange box. It is just boric acid and sugar syrup. The ants love it and will kill them within a week. You wouldn’t want to drink it, but it isn’t very toxic to humans.

  • Caroline
    1 month ago

    Since you are on a high level of a high rise building, I would suspect that a rodent has died somewhere in the area, or that there is some kind of source of moisture in the area where you found the ants loitering. Besides getting rid of the ants, you should probably try to find out why the ants are coming around in the first place. It seems a bit unusual.

    Anyhow, I applaud your determination to avoid dangerous/hazardous ant sprays. Go with an “ant motel” instead. Just like a roach motel, an ant motel usually has a sticky adhesive and you can stick it to the area where you’ve found the ants. The ants are attracted to the sweet bait in the motel and when they go inside they take the poison back to their nest and infect all the other ants. There are alto of versions of such insect killers, but most of them work by simply sticking it in whatever infested area in which you found the ants and killing them in the manner mentioned above.

    The beauty of this thing is that once you stick it, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

    Warning: if you have pets, make sure you keep them away from the ant killer. My friend’s dog got a hold of one and he had diarrhea for days as a result.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Use Torro , u can get it at a hardwr store jst put it on a small pce of cardbrd and let the ants take it bck to the Queen , will take abt 24 hrs but shld do the trck..

  • dousmokedoobies69
    1 month ago

    Hi montrealissima,

    Try putting fresh mint leaves down ant’s won’t coss over the leaves & they hate the smell. I used this all along the base board’s at my mother’s house. All natural besides so if kids are pets are around no harm to either. Good luck & have a good day. :0)

  • Debbie M
    1 month ago

    Use ant traps. They are little, black plastic things and they work great! I put them near where the ants are coming in, but try and put them under furniture or in the cupboard so they are out of sight. I never see ants when I have them out.

  • george 2
    1 month ago

    use Terrel. it is an ant poison that ants think is sweet and brings it back to the nest where they all eat it and kills them.follow directions carefully.

  • pappyld04
    1 month ago

    Research CORN MEAL, I believe. May take a few days

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