Annoying door ajar warning in 2009 Focus SES?

We own a 2009 Focus SES and are having trouble with a “driver’s door ajar” warning. Sometimes it does it & sometimes it doesn’t. I can be driving down the road 15 minutes after shutting the door and it’ll start giving me the “ding ding” and the “driver’s door ajar” message in the instrument panel. I looked & looked but can’t find any kind of switch or magnet sensor. Maybe the switch is built into the latch? I’ve opened the door and used a screwdriver to move the latch around but that doesn’t effect the “door ajar” warning… If anyone reading this knows where the driver’s door ajar sensor is in a 2009 Ford Focus SES please let me know. Thank you.

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  • Nomadd
    8 days ago

    It’s a little microswitch on the door latch that goes flaky a lot. You have to remove the door panel to get to it, which is a very easy job to mess up. It takes about an hour and a $20 part, so it would be around $100 for an honest shop to handle.

  • Bryndon L
    5 days ago

    I found the component responsible for the “door adjar” signal. It’s in the door latch and likely needs lube if it’s stuck.

  • ?
    8 days ago

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