An ore is analyzed for manganese content by converting the manganese to Mn3O4 and weighed?

-if a 1,52g sample yields Mn3O4 weighing 0.126g (a)what will be percent Mn2O3 in sample? (B)what is the percent of Mn?

2. A mixture containing only FeCl3 and AlCl3 weighs 5,95g. The chlorides are converted to the hydrous oxide and ignited to Fe2O3 and Al2O3. The oxide mixture weighs 2,62g. Calculate the percent of Fe and Al in the original mixture.

Please explain if you can.

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  • Roger the Mole
    8 days ago

    (0.126 g Mn3O4) / (1.52 g) = 0.0829 = 8.29% Mn3O4

    (0.126 g Mn3O4) / (228.81 g Mn3O4/mol) x (3 mol Mn / 1 mol Mn3O4) x

    (54.938 g Mn/mol) / (1.52 g) = 0.0597 = 5.97% Mn

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