An acrostic poem of ALCOHOL.?

I am doing a project and would like you to help with acrostic poem of alcohol.









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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I’m with Giggles on this one…what is the project for? Are you speaking out against alcohol abuse, or are you celebrating its use?

    A last golden froth, teeming on amber edge,

    Lasting teasingly before succumbing,

    Caressing nerves fraught with age.

    O, I never felt so fondly for elden day,

    Hours spent on walls of my youth,

    Ousting them nightmares with a single sip,

    Lasting ’till this dreary midsummer’s noon.

    Meh, not my best.

  • apodace
    4 days ago

    Alcohol Poems

  • Zangetsu2201
    1 month ago

    Alright, I didn’t have much time, but I made two poems and I hope one of them will help you… (next time try to be more specific!)

    1. A poem against alcohol:

    A lot of people today seem to

    Love alcohol. It

    Can’t be denied, because it is true

    Or is it a myth?

    How can you drink something that makes you lose self-control?

    Open your minds to see that it is bad

    Love for alcohol… It exists and that’s sad.

    2. A tribute to alcohol:

    A six-pack of beer is all that you need after a hard day of work

    Lying on the couch while watching a little TV

    Combined with some fine wine so you don’t look like a dork

    Or a large glass of vodka to get drunk instantly…

    Hooray for the beer, the vodka, the wine,

    Old bottles of champagne, all arranged in a line,

    Liqueur and vermouth that make you feel so fine!

    If it matters, I am against alcohol, so I was happy to have the opportunity to make a tribute poem to something I don’t agree with and test my capacity… Once again, I hope at least one of these will help you!

  • Sandy Giggles
    1 month ago

    question. What is the project? is it against drinking alcohol in general, under aged drinking or what? that would help with writing the acrostic in an appropriate manner.

    [Zang, that is good! you are quick on your feet today!]

  • mellen
    7 days ago

    im looking also for some answers

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