Am i allergic to salt and vinegar pringles?

Well, everytime i have had salt and vinegar crisps my lips have turned white and sore, i havent had salt and vinegar pringles for a while even though they are my favourite flavour!

So i had them today and almost immediately after eating a few my lips swollen up twice the size, bigger in some parts so it felt like a bubble in my lip.

What could’ve possibly caused this??

2 Answers

  • redunicorn
    8 days ago

    You are describing an allergy by your symptoms.

  • Paul
    8 days ago

    Definitely sounds like an allergic reaction except it is highly unlikely you are allergic to salt and vinegar pringles rather you’re allergic to one of the ingredients in salt and vinegar pringles. You should experiment with the various ingredients – get products that have some but not all of the ingredients and gradually eliminate the ingredients until you find exactly what it is you’re allergic to. If you find anything else that causes the same reaction look to see what the pringles and the other thing has in common.

    You can also talk to your doctor about a scratch test etc.

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