air pressure of Tire size 195/70R14?

the car is toyata camry 1996, wanna inflate the proper air pressure to it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Omg tire pressure for all tires is printed right on the side of the tire. go out and look. it has been this way since tires were made its been a Hundred years.the first cars were sold in the 1890,s

  • Kenneth
    5 days ago

    38 to 40 psi

  • alexander
    1 month ago

    by the way were you alone everytime , if full passenfer 30 psi if you are alone 28 psi can do check also specification on your front left door pillar it depend on you tire size but im sure its 14 rim size you can fill it 30 psi front And rear tires.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    yes, There is a placard inside your car door rail that says this, for extra information look in your owners manual an look there it is usually at the back, it shows different pressure for you, fll car lots of luggage or just one single person

    – 32psi will work fine

  • T-Man
    1 month ago

    Toyota recommends 32 PSI for best fuel mileage.

  • Saul
    7 days ago

    35-40 psi

  • Johnny
    1 month ago

    tire pressure is marked in a tag near the door jam

    but ussually for you car it should be 32psi

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