after you get the alien suit in tony hawks american wasteland how do you scare away the carnie?

i already made up a trick, but i cant scare him away!!!

i’ve tried 4 times!!


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  • ai_nacco_2000
    2 decades ago

    Before you start this mission, you need to go back to Hollywood to buy the

    Alien mask. If you try to start the mission without it, Tony Alva will just

    send you packing. You can hop on the bus to get back to Hollywood. Go to the

    clothing store (just the normal one – not any special costume store). The

    alien suit will be listed under “shirts.” Buy it for $150. If you don’t have

    enough cash, you can complete some of the really easy tasks from the hobo.

    Find him by following the dollar sign on your radar. Once you’ve got the alien

    suit, ride the bus back to talk to Tony Alva.

    Create a new grind trick. An easy one that looks pretty cool is just a

    handstand for the duration or something. Practice using it. Then go and talk

    to Tony Alva again. He says to pull your crazy trick on the coaster track

    right in front of the carny to scare him. Watch out for the coaster car

    though. Do the created trick (default is up, down, triangle) on the track in

    front of the carny and land it.

    Next, go to the opposite side of the ferris wheel from where you started the

    mission to where the carnie was standing. There is a small lever here. Jump

    up onto it in a natas spin and do the tricks that they call out. If you don’t

    get a trick right in time, it will tell you that you missed it. Keep an eye on

    your balance as the number of tricks that you pull will decrease the stability

    of the meter. The ferris wheel will topple into the water, summoning a boat

    that will take you to the oil rig. Luckily, you’ll be automatically changed

    out of the Alien Suit.

    You will now have the light bulb icon on your map for a create a trick spot.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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