AFL – How do you stab pass really good (Low Trajectory Kick)!?

i can sorta stab pass not all the time n if i can its only 15 metres if i do it any further it bends heaps and the ball just floats into the ground how do i stab pass…???!!

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  • Sydneyswans2013!!!
    1 month ago

    it’s gota go low and your boot has to get onto it fairly quick but it has to go with the flow really quick with controll and even though you have an opponent keep your eyes firmly on the ball it takes practice trust me.

    keep your body still as best as possible and drop the ball straight make sure it spins while in the air even though it’s a stab if it spins you give your mate best chance of catching it

    Big Jesse wasn’t a natural at it either I watched him and our head coach use to go nuts(when he played for the reserves) at him so many times without success

    keep practicing

  • larrinaga
    5 days ago

    Afl Kicking Technique

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Go to a library and look up the name Thorold Merrett. He played on the wing for Collingwood in the 50’s and 60’s and remains to this day as the greatest exponent of the stab kick, and there is sure to be “how to kick books” with Merrett included as a contributor. He practiced constantly, and remember kids in his day didn’t have the equipment available to them like kids today, probably a reason why Merrett established The company REBEL SPORT. With stab kicking you don’t follow through, like a normal kick. You must always remember that and only “perfect practice makes perfect”. In his day Merrett didn’t have a tv computer or even a radio, and basically practiced kicking for hours on end , like Don Bradman had little else to do than belt a golf ball into a water tank with a cricket stump, and he became the worlds greatest cricketer. Continual practice which became PERFECT PRACTICE !

  • Lexicographer
    1 month ago

    Couple of pointers. At the point of impact have a straight line

    from knee to toe. Experiment with angle of ball hitting boot to

    perfect rotation. No follow through hence “stab” at ball.

    PS – Gee I miss spectacle of a player in full flight putting a stab

    dropkick on the chest of a player on the lead 20-40 metres away

    the ball bulleting only 2 to 3 metres above the grass. Classy….

  • Susie C
    1 month ago

    The stab kick is really designed for the shorter footballer.

    You hardly ever see a ruck man or key position player that can do it very well.

    If you are under 4 foot tall you should have no problems.

    Good luck.

  • Cesar
    1 month ago

    drop the ball as close to the ground as possible before you connect with ya boot. the lower to the ground your foot hits the ball the lower the kick will stay. shorter kicks require a flick kick action but with the longer kicks u should follow through with the kick but try not to lean back to much. try leaning over the ball a bit more and letting go of the it a tad late while keeping it in a nice drop punt position. okay fella no wucken forries

  • Hot Sauce
    1 month ago

    practice practice practise

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