Aeropostale Dressing Room Doors?

The doors at the dressing room at areopostale were just GLASS. completely SEE THROUGH.

I refused to change there! A lot of girls didn’t even realize! You could see everything! The employees didn’t even care! Is this not illegal? or against store code?

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  • -Lala♫-
    10 hours ago

    Don’t worry, it looks see through, but they have sensors that make the glass fog up when you’re in it. You can’t see a thing.

  • CassidyLynn
    10 hours ago

    I know what you’re talking about. It’s called frosted glass. You can’t see through it. I mean, maybe someone could tell there is a person in one because it could show a darker blur of color very faintly, but you cannot really see anything. Trust me, I shop there like every week.

  • Emily Rose
    10 hours ago

    WOAH o_o I’ve been to several Aeropostales, but none of them have had see-through doors! LOL!!! I think you should definitely call the store and file a complaint. That’s just wrong..

  • ?
    10 hours ago

    Umm…. the Aeropostale in my area has clear doors, but they fill with steam. You can’t seen anything. Once you are in, the door fills. I think its like motion sense.

  • one more person
    10 hours ago

    I kno i noticed that to i didnt want to change there either!

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