“advice confirms” on my bank statement. what does it mean?

i’ve noticed £250 entered my account under “advice confirms” on thursday, and don’t know where its from. we normally get paid on thursday, only this thursday my manager said there was a problem with the system, and we are going to get it all next week. so where is this money from? i’m not on any benefits, is it possible for my company to have used a different payment method? I wasn’t told anything, and there’s “nil” on this weeks payslip. thanks .

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  • Davre
    1 month ago

    Early listings of bank transactions sometimes are described with a confusing name, which will change to clearer detail within a few days.

    Also googling (2nd result) finds:

    ‘ADVICE CONFIRMS basically is a very quick method of transfering payment – some employers use this method.’

  • atchley
    5 days ago

    Advice Confirms

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