A toilet freshener fell down my toilet and now it is blocked?

It was one of these http://images.mysupermarket.co.uk/Products_1000/90…

Whenever I flush the toilet the water rises up and takes a few minutes to go back down and bits of toilet tissue come back into the toilet.

I don’t know what to do. I put on a dish glove and put my hand down the toilet and reached as far as I could and couldn’t feel anything, so it must be quite far back.

Any ideas?

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  • br549
    8 days ago

    Straighten out a wire clothes hanger and make a hook on one end. Try and fish it out with that.

    If that doesn’t get it, you’ll have to pull up the toilet. I know, I had kids and had to fish out Barbie dolls and all sorts of other toys!

    Newer toilets tend to let most anything you can throw in there flow through, but they will get stuck in the plumbing. For that you may need to call the expensive guy!

  • Jrbott
    8 days ago

    Turn the water off to the tank, flush, and then use a sponge to remove any remaining water. Unbolt the commode from the floor then remove the whole thing and sit it on some newspaper. You can now remove the tank so you don’t break it or being very, very careful tilt the unit such that you can look up inside of the units drain pipe. If the freshener is not there then it’s stuck in your drain system and you will have to get someone out to locate and remove it. Before you put the unit back together you might as well scrape off the old wax ring and install a new one (you just sit it in place). Have fun…. Oh, while the sewer pipe is exposed just wad up an old towel or newspaper and stuff it in the pipe….. making sure it does not go down the pipe…. That will keep the sewer gas from coming up into the home.

  • Footman
    8 days ago

    A plunger is for sealing around plug holes in basins and useless in a toilet bowl.

    This happened to me. The thing stuck several metres down the sewer. It had caught on something in the pipe (a join I think) and caused a complete blockage. I had to rod it to push it through.

    And now I see the wife has put another one on the toilet bowl.

  • ?
    8 days ago

    you have to remove the toilet and replace the wax ring, that’s where the fastener is stuck and it will be sitting on top of the ring stuck there along with the clog, it cannot be dislodged any other way.

    worst case the toilet may need to be brought outside and turned upside down to clear it.

    a job like this its best to pay a plumber (that’s what I would do) if you don’t want to “handle” that ness

  • Sal*UK
    8 days ago

    Plunger? Its seriously expensive to call a plumber to – at least £65 call out charge before he does the work!

  • JOHN G
    8 days ago

    That happened to me years ago so I only use the blocks you put in the cistern

  • Jim W
    8 days ago

    Shop vac to suck it out.

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