A metaphor and a Similie about Stress. *Helpppp*?

example: stress is like a rubber band… when life pulls at you, you stretch and give, and stretch and give, and hope that you don’t POP!

i need it for health class

1 similie and 1 metaphor

2 Answers

  • flykite
    1 month ago

    Simile –

    The stress weighed her down like a bag of hammers.

    Stress is like an airplane, it’s always ready to take-off.

    Stress is like a hammer blow in your head, you always end up with a headache.

    Stress is like a nagging wife, it can drive you crazy.

    Metaphor –

    Stress is a battlefield created in your mind.

    Stress is a person’s worst enemy.

    “The tsunami of stress crashed over my life, leaving a trail of destruction.”

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Yes, a simile is when you use like or as (i.e. You smell like the rain). A metaphor is using a situation that is comparable to what your talking about as a way to better explain it. Like, when girls have coming out balls the metaphor of them being catepillars and turning into butterflies is an often used metaphor.

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