A Good Title for a Holocaust Paper?

I’m writing a paper on the Holocaust. I’m basically talking about the prejudice against not only Jews but homosexuals, the elderly, people with disabilities, and anyone with a different political view and how it effected the world. I’m comparing all the prejudice in America to the prejudice in the Holocaust. I want people to realize that, if we’re not careful, another Holocaust event could take place. In history, a small group of Nazi’s were responsible for the murder of millions of Jews, homosexuals and elderly. A lot of the German’s had no idea what was happening, even though it was right under their noses. Even though it sounds far fetched, I believe it could happen again if we don’t get our attitudes under control.

Anyway, with that brief description, I need a title for my paper. I’ve thought about it so much but I can’t figure it out. It’s such a deep, sensitive subject that I don’t want the title to be stupid. I’m also passionate about the subject and really want to make a difference through it. If you guys have any suggestions that would be awesome.


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  • Shell
    1 month ago

    The Different Committed Guilty

    Every Star Dies (star of david of course)

    Priceless Lives Sacrificed

    One Person, One Law Broken, One Death

    Every Star Has A Price

    The Real Dept of Slaughter

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Good Titles For Research Paper

  • Emily W
    1 month ago

    how about

    Hatred Against Difference

    The Holocaust Around Us

    The Crimes Against Humanity

    A Remembrance of Horror

    “The Severest Punishment is Still to Mild”

    See No Evil

  • mascolo
    5 days ago

    it would want to be counted on what you touched on. A more advantageous ideal call for the Holocaust is the Shoah, though. maximum all of us is blind to this, so that you would possibly want to call it that. playstation . do not call it the full Purge. that is the call for the Stalinist political purges.

  • faranglaw
    1 month ago

    Destruction of six million

    Nazi attrocities

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