a fisherman’s scale stretches 3.6 cm when a 2.7 kg fish hangs from it. The fish is then pulled down 2.5cm?

and released. Determine a) the spring stiffness constant b) the amplitude of the oscillation. c) the frequency of the vibration d) the maximum velocity v0 e) magnitude of velocity v. When the fish is 1.25cm from the equilibrium f) magnitude of maximum acceleration of the fish. g) total energy h) the kinetic and potential energies at half amplitude.

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  • Dr. Watkin,. I presume
    8 days ago

    I’ll do the first 4 of your 8+ questions to get you started!

    a) k = F / x = m*g / x = 2.7*9.8 N / 0.036m = 735 N/m

    b) A = 2.5cm = 0.025m (given)

    c) w = sqrt(k/m) rad/s = sqrt(735/2.7) = 16.5 rad/s

    f = w / 2pi = 2.63 Hz

    d) vmax = A.w = 0.025m * 16.5 rad/s = 0.413 m/s

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