2007 Honda Pilot. Do I need snow chains on all tires?

I’m taking my brand new 2007 Honda Pilot near Mt. Rainier this weekend to harvest a Christmas tree. The path to the cabin is a less-than-well maintained forest service road. It will be very snowy and very icy. I want to use chains in addition to the VTM-4, but am not sure if I have to use them on all four tires — I have heard conflicting opinions. Please advise ASAP!!

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  • Alex G
    1 month ago

    Since your Honda Pilot has VTM-4 (an all wheel drive mechanism), you are better of putting chains on all four tires because this system will shift quite a bit in this situation to get the best traction and you do not want it to have to select only between two wheels. Do have fun.

  • isenhower
    5 days ago

    2007 Honda Pilot Tires

  • Paula V
    1 month ago

    Only need chains on the front wheels. I asked and checked with the manual. Have fun!

  • chris h
    1 month ago

    a good set of spiked snow tires will do the job just fine and keep 4wd on and your good to go. dont bother with chains there good and all but a pain in the *** to get on. when you hit pavement you have to take them off fast, it will hurt your tires

  • sarah s
    1 month ago


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