2004 Chevy Silverado Factory Radio no power?

I drive a 2004 1500LT ext cab Silverado. Recently I had the battery die and warrentied the battery hoping the was going to be the free and easy solution but ended up having to replacing the alternator. I upgraded from the 105amp to 145. The Radio was working perfect up to the second it died where the XM radio cut off followed by the entire truck. Now since I replaced it everything is working perfect except for the radio which is not powering up at all not even lighting up the clock. I replaced the fuse in the dash but still no luck. Any thoughts? Thanks

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  • Al Bundy
    7 days ago

    Go through all the fuses at both fuse panels. One in the truck and one under the hood. You may found more blown fuses.

    If you’re still having problems, I’d pull the radio out and use a voltmeter on the orange wire to see if it has +12V. If it does, your radio is fried. It should be turning on. The 04 Silverado uses a serial data bus to tell the radio when to turn on, instead of a +12V ignition source like nearly every other vehicle. So provided you have that +12V constant on the orange, the radio should power up with the truck every time.

    If it’s toast and you decide to go aftermarket, be prepared to spend about $100 in parts. Again, because of GM’s serial bus, you need a special interface to install an aftermarket radio. Easily found anywhere, but not exactly cheap.

  • eric
    5 days ago

    I have a 2009 silverado crew cab. Took it in for scheduled oil change and after the job was complete I started up the truck and to my surprise the radio had no clock display and would not power up. Talked to service tech about the problem and said it must not have worked before it was brought in. I said Bull…. I was listening to it on the way in here!!!! So they wanted to schedule an appointment for $80.00 for diagnostics check.

    On my way home I was pushing and holding various buttons on the radio……..When low and behold I fixed the issue. ( Hold in the clock display button for several seconds and then the clock led will light up as you are holding it in.After this the power button will be able to work) I don’t know how the service tech was able to shut down the radio but this worked in my situation. GOOD luck

  • conejote_99
    7 days ago

    Press 5 or 6 and seek all together now with your third hand press the power button, if the radio turns on you need to go to the dealer to reprogram the radio and BCM

    good luck

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